Community: MenzLeague is more than just a movement, it’s a community of like minded men striving to become better in safe and collective manor.

Speaker Series: come together as a group in an environment free from judgement, with the goal of becoming better through the shared learning and support of our peers. Led by a professional speaker, we’ll confidently tackle, moderate, and challenge attendees on topical issues facing men in today’s world.

Social Series: Join us on your own or in a group to share our learnings and encourage continual improvements, we’ll reinforce our new normal by continually refining our approach, supporting our peers, so that being better becomes habitual.

Club House: Join the Founders of MenzLeague and various affiliates on the clubhouse app as we discuss mental health on a broad spectrum including our peers and partners from the opposite sex.



MenzLeague is intent on providing mulitple levels of resources for anyone and everyone that may be looking.

The MenzLeague Mental Health database is the hub for any content, resources and aids that you need for your mental health issues. This is built as a safe place, where men can come and find the help they need while dealing with their everyday struggles. Please look around and use anything that you need.



The purpose of the Man over Matter Podcast is to create a platform for Men’s Mental Health as we look to challenge social stigmas and reshape society views on what it means to be a man.

This is the platform to spotlight men’s mental health and share stories around some of the common, day-to-day issues men are faced with. We will explore a wide rage of topics and challenges while we try to normalize men having these conversations.



The Membership! Where it all goes down.


Multiple programs from certified personal trainers to improve your physical health, Sound financial advice from industry professionals in a digestible format, Relationship focused courses from Calgary's leading relationship experts.


Levelling up from our courses, men can access one on one sit downs with our in-house experts


Private online community of like-minded men sharing stories and experiences through our secure MenzLeague Forum called the Lounge.
Discounts to exclusive affiliates inlcuding fashion, Health and stylist as well as discounts and first access to MenzLeague events (Speaker/Social Series)


Unlimited Virtual Mental Health Check-ins. 45 minute appointments with a mental health wellness expert which can be booked online as many times as you need.




    Let's Connect

    Let's Connect