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I believe life is defined by a series of what I like to call “True Moments.” True Moments happen to everyone, oftentimes without warning. They are formative and play a role in shaping the path of our lives. Sometimes positive, sometimes less so. These frozen moments in time are when we experience our highest highs and deepest lows. These moments bring us our greatest love, joy, loss, and regret.

To say 2019 tested me is an understatement. The entirety of the year was full of Negative True Moments and they seemed to flow one after another. However, I believe you choose your reaction to adversity. I chose to use those True Moments as fuel to begin shaping my impact on the world, beginning with MenzLeague.

We have no professional credentials, and we don’t claim to be experts by any means. What we will hope to do with this community and movement is to bring in as many experts and professionals that we can who meet the Menzleague vision and start to help men move the dial.



MenzLeague. What a concept, I am so proud and happy to be apart of this movement. When my main guy, Founder Fabian Warner, came to me with this concept, something inside of me lit right up. The idea of men sharing real stories and becoming vulnerable with each other and in all aspects of life, spoke to me on so many levels. And here we are, with a live and vibrant community of men striving to become better. This is for my mother, my sister, cousins, friends, ex-girlfriends and every woman in between. Men can be better and we hope to facilitate even the slightest growth within.

I am not a psychologist, nor a doctor or a mental health professional. But I am an advocate and one with a strong passion to make this world a better place. I can truly say that this called to me, spoke to me and resonated within. I will promise to do everything in my power to make @menzleague, the most effective and proficient space for men to come and improve in.

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    Becoming Better Men

    Our Mission is to provide a diverse group of like-minded men with a support system surrounding mental health, physical health, financial aptitude and relationships. Together we hope to become better men.

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