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Men all over the world are struggling with their mental health. Our mission is to provide a diverse group of like-minded men a safe support system, centred around improving men’s mental health, through membership, community, coaching and resources. Together, we hope to become better men.


The need to become better exists in everything we do in life. Our vision is to have a world with better men. A world where men are not constrained by society to hide their emotions, a world where men can share their feelings without judgment, and a world with better fathers, better husbands, better boyfriends, better sons. Just overall better

Why MenzLeague

"2019 was a year full of loss for our founder Fabian Warner. He lost a high school friend to a drug complication, he lost an older mentor to cancer and he lost an uncle to heart failure. During that same year, he was dealing with a divorce and found himself constantly in a state of reflection, wondering what he could have done better in those relationships and what he could do better with his life going forward as he had the opportunity to continue breathing and living. He never generally had a problem emoting and sharing his emotions, but as most of us know, that’s not the norm for most men. MenzLeague was an idea that came to us based on all these real-life situations and challenges. It’s a platform where men can be themselves and feel comfortable and safe being vulnerable. A lot of issues surrounding men come down to them internalizing and carrying around a lot of pressure, guilt, and expectations that society places on them to be tough and to not show emotion. Our hope is that MenzLeague can normalize a lot of these issues, to give men the confidence to open up and release that pressure."

"Where men can be themselves and feel comfortable and safe being vulnerable."

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    Becoming Better Men

    Our Mission is to provide a diverse group of like-minded men with a support system surrounding mental health, physical health, financial aptitude and relationships. Together we hope to become better men.

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